This saves transmission bandwidth and relieves the CPU when processing the images. All to All Flexible GigE Vision cameras with rich functionality. All variants are also available as board-level versions. Sensor configuration Single sensor. Bit depth 8

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This offers the possibility to select the perfect configuration even for a single instance application. Alllied Vision Manta G Interface configuration All POE. Allied Vision – Manta Modular Concept 1.

Lens mount All C-mount. Machine vision cameras from Allied Vision for speed enforcement, automatic toll collection, parking access control, intersection and red light enforcement and many more ITS applications.

AV Manta G 1. Every single piece undergoes a thorough inspection at up to 6 inspection stations with 12 Allied Vision machine vision cameras. All variants are also available as board-level versions. Featuring a highly optimised GigE Vision interfaceframe rates of up to frames msnta second at full VGA resolution are possible.

Important additions to AVT’s Manta and Prosilica ranges

Manufacturer All Allied Vision. GEFRA Optisort systems ensure perfect fastener geometry for quality assurance in the mnata and aerospace industry.


Generally, using state-of-the-art features in system design provides a technology advantage compared to competitors. If a vision application needs a particularly fast reaction to a trigger signal, Action Commands can be used. Large selection of models. Allied Vision Manta G 3.

Please use a different set of filters.

AVT Manta G B/C |Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd

Using a proven, well known system as a basis offers time savings on new development and integration tasks. Allied Vision Manta G 1.

Allied Vision Manta G fps. Flexible GigE Vision cameras with rich functionality.

Particular highlights are three look-up tables LUTssophisticated colour correction capabilities and numerous modular options — including angled heads and board level versions.

Markets and Applications The availability of board level versions of all models is mannta particular advantage for OEM appliance projects GigE Vision and PoE enable robust installations with minimum cabling effort, with cable lengths up to m For packaging inspection tasks, the 90 degree head option is an ideal fit for conveyor tunnels with limited space Almost all industrial automation tasks profit from the cost effective pricing and numerous options the camera provides.


It offers exposure, gain, white balance access, onboard debayering and binning as well as subsampling on some models. Open all Close all.

Interface All GigE Vision. Show advanced filters Hide advanced filters.

Look-up tables make it easy to perform preprocessing operations such as remapping of pixel values to other pixels, applying gamma to a particular colour or using pseudo-colors.

Reasons to choose the Allied Vision Manta. Allied Vision’s modular concept.

By using the transport layer for signal propagation, multi-camera systems require less components and cables. Allied Vision Manta G Three look-up tables LUTs available. This makes Action Commands more precise than a generic software trigger and a viable alternative to avvt triggering in many cases.

Avoiding customization saves time during the development phase.