DInk Jet technology with shuttling head. The steps you’ve already taken to solve theproblem and the results. The center of the knob aligns with number 3 for a typical 10 envelope. This chart can be easily understood by memorizing five Hexcodes: The range can be from 1 to 66 lines. Print a Test Piece continued 1. Press the Enter button to select the desired option.

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Make sure the input area is free of dust and othermatter. Got a W2k system with a PB w envelope printer attached to it.

W700 W670 W770 Parts

For 10 envelopes this shouldbe about two inches. To access the Setup Menu, press and hold the Menubutton for four 4 seconds. The horizontal adjustment prompt displays and thesample shown on the next page prints on the envelope. Print Quality continued To use the Print Quality option: Slide the square edge of the sliding fence into the slotson the frame slide as shown below.

AddressRight™ Envelope Printer DA50S, DA70S, DA80F, DA95F Series Support

See Appendix B forcomplete material specifications. A good setup minimizes w070 and jams. Using the Control Panel When you enable this option, instead of addressesprinting, a Hex dump of the data stream prints on the material. Press the Replace Print Cartridge key on the controlpanel. If a document is sent to the printer when it is unavailable, the document will be held spooled until the printer isavailable.


Insert the metal sheet intothe height adjustment slot. When the startup completes, thefollowing screen displays.

To use this option: To access the Main Menu, press the Menu button. Position the Feed Fence Lower rail shaft dirty. For example, you might want to indicate what theprinter should be used for and when it is available.

AddressRight DA 55S 75 85F 90 Label Printer Support

Set the Separator GapWhenever you switch from one material type to another, youneed to set the gap between the separators and the feedroller before printing begins. The printer will automatically selectthe correct setting for the font and size of the characters being printed. To avoid misfeeds, follow these instructions: Gently insert the cartridge color to the right, black to theleft-DA only into the carriage at bwes a 20degree angle with copper strip to biwes bottom and in first.

Printing virtually anywhere on an envelope. Allow for adequate space.


Control PanelUse the control panel buttons to access printer menus, define print options, run the print job, position the print carriageand turn the printer on and off line. Wipe lower rail shaft clean. Check ZIP Code for invalid character. Also review the FAQson our bowss site. Adjust H-blocks to thickness of material. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? To use this option, the printer must be attached to a computer.

Draft, Letter, ExecutiveInternal Fonts: Setup Example Using 10 Envelopes: The switch is located next tothe power cord receptacle. The range can be from 1 to 66 lines.