Download full text 6. Yea I saw the same issue on Gigabits ethernet. Do you use ? Network Also, looks like it’s a Ubuntu certified hardware, let me ask around. Guy, Broadcom has a new patch [1] that need to test.

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I also checked that this patch nnetxtreme not yet merged into the latest vanilla stable kernel, version 4. Status in linux package in Ubuntu: Email me about changes to this bug report.

It can take a day for the new e-mail to show up in the respective archive. Flow control is on for TX and on for RX tg3 With the patch above, the two versions always work correctly.

Download VMware ESXi 5.x tg3 3.137l.v50.1 NIC Driver for Broadcom NetXtreme I Gigabit Ethernet

Changed in linux Ubuntu: I believe the root cause is that the tigon net driver uses virtual memory for DMA transfers. Netxtrme you please report this problem to the appropriate mailing list netdev by following the instructions verbatim at https: Maybe I’m missing something, because I don’t know the details of the bug hunting process for Ubuntu.


Or to gather more information? It boots and brings up tg3, the Ethernet link is working and the module seems stable. But it patches and works also for 4. Download full text 4.

I added neetxtreme few printk and can see that the module is correctly compiled and loaded, but my machine is not a Dell. No timeouts or errors in dmesg: Anyway, the unpatched kernel breaks very quickly, while the patched kernel you provided worked out very well.

Any chance there’s been broadcok movement on this bug? Will send the details later or tomorrowas soon as I get back to my computer.

FTTH user here, no ethernet connection after highload speedtest or you tubelike others users i had to reboot.

Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet Controller Driver g for Linux (tg3) Driver – TechSpot

It happened to me as well on Proliant gent 9 Ubuntu Thank you for your valuable finding. I tried this with 3. Lauri, Can you let me know if you’ve tested the work-around solution on a 64bit or 32bit OS? Add higher cpu clock for Network Also, looks like it’s a Ubuntu certified hardware, let me ask around. In this case, I can add a detailed description and dmesg logs, with debug on and the timeout error message inside.


No upgrade log present probably fresh install dmi.

Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet Controller Driver 3.122g for Linux (tg3)

If you point me to the kernel package I can try it. Attached file is the dmesg log. Netxtree find Lauri, and thank you again! Download full text 6. This can be done with something like: For me, the problem I’m having is the same as we are discussing in this thread. Kai-Heng Feng kaihengfeng on Any ideas on how to solve or workaround this issue?