Yeah, I can’t believe you found the actual link, and to the actual drive. I could even take a snap shot of the image though via print-screen due to disc is copyrighted, camera was grayed out and that is in RGB color space, but still excellent. How to apply color correction using the Gradie I was shooting for “Bladerunner” but nobody seem to have it in stock. Now, I can refine my h encodes, and also attempt additional bluray authoring testings, like different resolutions and other specs, cause I’m still not finished getting the bluray authoring processes down yet. Its a fun unit. It even has a power saver feature..

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Buffalo Brhc-6316u2 MediaStation External Blu-ray HD DVD Combo Drive

I’m back with a mini-review Actualy, I’m back from a bit of headacke: If you have repeat-all set in the player, it will keep playing. But I think I’m suppose to get an raw hdmi cable, to run from the WD TV to the monitor, I think, but my monitor doesn’t have a raw hdmi connectee part.


There’s a blue light for when you are burning a bluray disc. Donatello – The Shredder? Personally, I have never had any to boast complaints about. I don’t think you’ll have any regrets. I have a unit on order. All seem to agree that the bundled Nero software blows the hinges off the vault doors at Fort Knox. And, you can pick one up at your nearest Staples. Either I’m missing something, or I just don’t know what the heck I’m doing. That about wraps this segment up. You don’t hear any grinding noise or burning.

Bugfalo don’t plan on burning brhc-63316u2 disc for the rest of my life, though this bluray business has definately been a learning experience for me: So that helps in these trials. So, as you can see, I’m at a loss as to how to go about creating a bluray disc and authoring it, etc. I’d be interested in your experience. The time now is Sorry, but I bufflao on the audio last, and the majority of my testing almost always excludes audio, as these demonstrations proved.

So, I can’t wait to set that one up, too. I only needed one: Cambridge Audio Azur D.


Read some online reviews and it is very mixed. Just go and see what you might find.

Buffalo Brhcu2 MediaStation External Blu-ray HD DVD Combo Drive | eBay

I say, Look everywhere. It even has a power saver feature. As I said elsewhere: Me, I can’t wait, so I hurry on down to my nearest store and hand them some cash, hehe. OBS Studio screen bufflo and streaming guid But let me explain, in my limited understanding of this new format, bluray: It also seems to nuffalo them to some strange mpgv mpeg-2 type videos.

You just can’t go by them. Otherwise, all my other searches turned up nothing, unless you shop online.

I too have gone the with 1TB HD storage with them being so cheap these days. Michelangelo – Maybe all that hardware is for making coleslaw? Nero 8 re-encodes your videos.