Click ‘Browse’ and locate your software, or insert your installation CD into the computer. When one of the followings occurs, it is possible that the cable is broken or disconnected. Insert cartridges in the holders with the B side up. Use the correct cartridges. The carriage will reset.

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After turning on the extension block or power strip, press the power button on the printer. Are you using a printer selection switch or a printer buffer? Even so, even though it really is accurate having a few variety of postcards, you may get overwhelmed together with the process if you multiply that quantity into hundreds as well as thousands.

A few things to pp21x to remember when ordering canvas prints. The Hardware Wizard will now show the location of the software in the window labeled “Include this location in the search.

Homepage Add to favorites. Longer life equates to longer impression per pen.

Computers & Files

The platen often gets dirty at the same time toilfast the head, so it is recommended to clean the platen after cleaning the head. Homepage Add to favorites. Recheck the printer settings in the application. Has the carriage packing material been removed?

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The “Found New Hardware Wizard” screen should appear. Check to make sure the power cord is connected 2. Use the correct cartridges. In fact, they carry the entire line of Powis Parker Fastback binding products. foilrast

Powis Parker Foilfast Printer P21x Black Matte Foil Cartridge

Stop the printing and reinstall all the cartridges. If the sheet is caught in the rollers, open the front cover, push down on the release lever, and gently remove the sheet. After replacing the cartridge, printing will continue from where it left off. The time required for printing can increase dramatically if the free space on the disk drive is extremely fragmented. Sometimes there is insufficient memory left for printing. If not, sheets may stick to one another, and cause multiple sheets to feed into the printer at one time, or other forms of misfeeding.

Paper is not feeding correctly or not ejecting correctly from the sheet feeder 1. Click ‘Browse’ and locate your software, or insert your installation CD into the computer.

Making use of The Fastback P21x Foilfast Printer Printing Properties Window

Has a cartridge become dislodged from a cartridge holder? Check with your local Powis Parker dealer for a list of compatible brands. Click on “Install from a list or specific location” and click ‘Next’. After you have completed these steps, your printer should be ready to use.


However it is important to remember that all previously installed FoilFast software must be removed before installing new FoilFast software. Covers that fall substantially beyond these thickness ranges could damage the printer’s feeding mechanism and may well void your warranty.

Click ‘Next’ and the program will search for the new software. Make sure that the front cover is closed properly. Covers that fall outdoors the bounds of those thickness ranges might work within the Foilfast printer, but Powis Parker does not advise employing them.

Even so, it really should offer you a good start off in tracking down issues together with your printer. Printing is not working or is extremely slow 1. Has the packing tape on the case been removed? The Foilfast requires work space on the hard disk when it prints. Open the front cover and make sure the cartridges are correctly installed.