Use kldload 8 to load the new module:. Back- ground scanning is a technique whereby a station associated to an access point will temporarily leave the channel to scan for neighboring stations. To disable Short GI use -shortgi. Updated by Allan Jude. The prefix can also be specified using the slash notation after the address. The default port number is

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FreeBSD Manual Pages

The port selected within the range is based on a hash of the inner frame. Fdeebsd here, ndis0 can be configured like any other NIC. ACM is not supported right now. Applications that prefer to handle this work can disable this facility by using -inact.

Comment 1 Dave Deaven Note that a station configured as slot 0 is a master and frwebsd broadcast beacon frames advertising the BSS; stations configured to use other slots will always scan to locate a master before they ever transmit. View All Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.

Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP)

Description Dave Deaven The administrator can force the backup server to return the IP address to the master with the command:. This can happen if no default route is specified or if a cable is unplugged.

Specify the address to use to represent broadcasts to the network.


If a protocol family is specified, ifconfig will report only the details specific to that pro- tocol family. To disable the ACM use -acm.

The weptxkey is an alias for this request; it is provided for backwards compatibility. Promis- cuous mode is disabled on the interface when it is removed from the bridge. The current scan cache contents are used if they are considered valid according to the scanvalid parameter; otherwise a background scan operation is triggered before any selection occurs.

The following options are available: It will always disable TSO for ip 4 and ip6 4.

The slot is a number between 0 and the maximum number of slots in the BSS. This must be speci- fied fredbsd create time for a legacy wds device. Higher metrics have the effect of making a route less favorable; metrics are counted as additional hops to the destination network or host.

A randomly-generated MAC address might be the same as one already in use in the net- work. This ffeebsd does not automatically disable routes using the interface. WOL is a facil- ity whereby a machine in a low power state may be woken in response to a received packet.

Only the super-user can initiate a scan. Replace dc0 and dc1 and the IP address information with the correct values for the system. The feature is disabled by default, it is controlled via the sysctl 8 variable net. Ffeebsd location is also advertised in beacon and probe response frames when The next step is to compile the driver binary into a loadable kernel module. Configuring the Network Card.


If there is no DHCP server and access to the Internet is needed, manually configure the default gateway and the nameserver: Check the output of netstat -rn and make sure there is a valid eem0 to the host.

Setting Up Network Interface Cards

By default a com- pacted list of channels is displayed; if the -v option is speci- fied then all channels are shown. Channels are shown with their IEEE channel number, equivalent frequency, and usage modes.

For more information on available media types for a driver, refer to its manual page. In particular the information ele- ments included in management frames for old devices are differ- ent.