Activity Eject button indicator www. Monitor port a Plug an external VGA monitor into this port. The speed that a Web page displays on your screen depends on the complexity of the Web page and other Internet conditions. Using The Keyboard Your notebook features a keyboard that has the same functionality as a desktop computer keyboard. Use only PC memory modules for upgrading your memory. If you anticipate using a combination of programs that regularly exceed Kbps, you should consider installing Fast Ethernet for your connection. This function is only available in some programs.

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If this is important, double-check that your particular model supports video input. You can explore a Web site or visit other Web sites by clicking areas on the Web page called links, or hyperlinks.

Gateway Solo docking station – Pangolin Laser Systems

Sharing Peripheral Devices Add a digital music player such as the Gateway Connected Music Player, and you can integrate your stereo system into your network as well. Page Refer to your fax communication software documentation for details on how to comply with the fax-branding requirement.

To externally recharge the secondary battery: Gateway Web site help HelpSpot online help documents creating opening printing saving double-clicking downloading dragging drivers locating in Windows NT reinstalling in Windows reinstalling in Windows 98 reinstalling in Windows Me reinstalling in Windows NT Also, tape your business card or an address label to your notebook and accessories.

Opening a document To view, seril, or print an existing document, you need to open it.


Full text of “Gateway Laptop Service Manual: SOLO USER MANUAL”

If applicable, follow the instructions provided on the Web site to run or install the program. The System Properties dialog box opens at the. When changing modules while the notebook is turned off, you do not need to run BayManager. The battery used in this device may present a fire or chemical burn hazard if mishandled.

Gateway Solo 5300

When you decide srrial you want the file or folder to go, you paste it there. If you need to reinstall device drivers because you are directed to do so while troubleshooting or if a message tells you that there is a problem with a device driver, so,o the device drivers by following the steps below.

Eject the PC Card by pressing the eject button again. When the battery charge is very low, you seea warning message. I presume the NIC is built-in to the laptop?

Drivers & Downloads

Yes, device manager shows the network adapter when I click on view, and no I don’t have restoration disk: If you are not comfortable with the procedures covered in this section, seek help from a more experienced computer user or a computer service technician.

Change the channel, location, or discontinue device use if you are interfering with any other radio station. The Format 3Vz Floppy A: A Safety, Regulatory, And Legal Information Legal Information Important safety information Your Gateway system is designed and tested to meet the latest standards for safety of information technology equipment.

S-Video out jack B.

Many of the keys have been assigned alternate 530. The Solo series is Gateway’s high-end line. Introducing The Gateway Connected Home Home The Gateway Connected Home connects all your computers and other devices so that you can share files, pc, peripheral devices, and much more from any computer in your house.


Gateway E User Manual pages. It had one before I reinstalled, so what happened to it. When you double-click the icon for a drive, folder, file, or program, a window opens on the desktop.

Selectthen select Start Follow the on-screen instructions. Getting Started System key combinations When you press an Fn key and a system key at the same time, the notebook performs the action identified by the green text or icon on the key. If you want to change the time before the screen saver is activated, click the up or down arrows next to the Click tab.

Getting Help Gateway Web site Gateway provides a variety of information on its Web site to help you use your computer. These user accounts can be customized for each person that uses the notebook.

You select the subject matter, and the learning format self-paced tutorials or virtual classroomsall from the comfort of your computer. Maintaining Your Notebook s Avoid dusty or dirty work environments.

Listening To Internet Radio Chapter 6: