They are generally not interchangeable. Click Ok when it shows a message. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Where can I get these drivers, and what’s the best way to install them? If you choose the wrong one you may find yourself unable to boot and having to reinstall your image like I did The generic AHCI driver can be enabled with two quick, easy registry modifications. Wait, and you’ll be prompted to reboot.

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The link Bob posted was exactly what you’re asking for: All is fine now. That ic1h0 post is here: XP will now install without any fancy footwork. This question is part of a larger list of things I’ll need to do before installing a new SSD drive, but I think it deserves its own question.

Since this is very specific to what hardware you have, you’ll have to provide that information or search yourself Google is a good place to start. In the folder where you copied ahcii file, double click on it and it will open a command-line prompt asking for confirmation to extract the files.


This involves selecting the SATA controller entry ies? Windows is loaded correctly. Select OK to reboot.

Select “” based system and you’re good to go. You can slipstream SP3 to your ahhci with nLite from http: I changed the config line to the following, more familiar syntax instead:. Andrea 1, 3 13 Message 5 of Mister Smith 4 9 Read his short description and do as it says.

Then I manually installed the INF file using: We’ll need these files to tell the Device Manager where to search for the drivers.

Ahcl Install from a list or specific location Advanced. Using CPUZ to identify your southbridge will save you doing what I did and having ot find out the hard way. I’ve looked at this file before, and had never seen that ‘signature’ thing before. Find the Intel RST driver package on your motherboard cd or download latest if you don’t have cd. It is very idh10 documented by Microsoft, and that proved to be quite helpful.


Microsoft has apparently not seen fit to include an AHCI driver as part of a service pack. Message 6 of You didn’t even provide the motherboard model.

– Windows XP and AHCI on the ICH10 chipset

Comments 1 Jiimer on Oct. There are many registry scripts that can insert the correct registry entries the driver file is required, and a download is often provided. I changed the config line to the following, more agci syntax instead: Type “yes” and then enter. The Update Driver Warning will be shown. Windows is loaded again and this time everything should be ready. Although I’m not sure, it might improve performance.

Windows XP supports native mode so I enabled it. Yes, I use storage controller, chipset and motherboard somewhat interchangeably.