It can be used with third-party reporting and visualization software for complete reporting and analysis capabilities. Features include realistic material definitions, unlimited light sources, and unsurpassed photo matching capabilities. With a service area of two million people, E-Comm needed a comprehensive computer-aided dispatch solution to support its growing call volume with mobile and web capabilities. Material Editor enables you to create or choose colors and patterns easily for customizing your design appearance, then quickly adjust them for improved realism. Public Safety Records Management. Smart Review API module includes programming libraries that allow developers to create programs that run on Smart Review, though the API module is not a requirement to run the custom applications, merely to create them.

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Speed delivery of detailed outage alerts. Enhance early problem detection with in-depth inergraph review during detailed design. The dynamic collision detection display shows objects that share the same 3D space.

Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch – Public Safety and Security

Download this webinar to learn about the latest version of Smart Review. Make better engineering design judgments by accessing the model data.

Bavarian State Police use computer-aided dispatch to unify statewide command center operations and support first responders with location-based incident interrgraph. It enables call control and event creation in a single environment with common call management functions. To support Next Gen initiatives, communications centers need tools to more tightly integrate telephony and leverage voice, text, and multimedia data. Since our first GIS, implemented for a municipality inmoonitor have partnered with authorities at all levels to deliver capabilities that enhance vital government functions — from national mapping and national security to public works and public safety.


Restore power quickly and efficiently. Smart Review Cloud Performance. Concerned with the accuracy of its infrastructure data, EDIA formed a cartographic center and leveraged geospatial management software to collect, process, and transform raw geodata into vital information for water resource management and economic development.

Microsoft Project by Microsoft Corp. Promote constructability design with the ability to preview possible construction sequences. Intergraph Communications Controller integrates voice, text, and data in one easy-to-use system for Next Gen workflows.

Solutions & Products

As a construction-sequencing tool, SmartPlant Review includes ScheduleReview, which turns data from your project planning software into a visual display of the construction or demolition progress.

Plan safe and appropriately timed equipment mpnitor with the collision detection function as you move equipment through the plant with sound effects and highlights. Power volume photogrammetry and production mapping. Texture Shading — Displays the material definitions that include patterns and textures such as dirt, marble, wood and brick. Users can associate multiple calls with events and view answered and pending call locations on the map, providing critical information earlier in the process.

Create and distribute intergraaph and more current data as an enabler and catalyst for economic and social development. Provides fire and emergency medical services with reporting and analysis tools to monitor and measure unit response, turn out times, repeat incident locations, and more to meet response time standards and support budget, staffing, equipment, and station needs.

Plot location-based information Pin mapping Hotspot mapping Dynamic clustering Geofencing geospatial filtering Dynamic, cross-filtering interaction with other Power BI visuals WMS support It also provides playback controls for: Louisville MetroSafe uses computer-aided dispatch and analytics to support and integrate multi-agency incident management and response.



Swindon, United Kingdom 07 January, This module features fast, intelligent hidden line display capability — your drawing maintains intelligence even when displayed in hidden-line interfraph. P3 handles large-scale projects of up toactivities.

Rapidly integrate many diverse devices and coordinate multiple resources and locations. Leica Geosystems, Trimble, Quantapoint, and LFM Software provide interfaces to Smart Review that allows existing conditions captured with laser scanners to be viewed in the design environment, or in a walk-through design review environment.

Respond to confirmed threats. The Material Editor interface has been improved to make it more flexible and easier to use. True 64 bit application enables the largest projects to be loaded for design reviews 48x larger than previous releases. Additionally, by reducing the time required to process and display hidden line removal from hours to a fraction of a second, the On-Site Drawing Generation Module saves time and money.

Create, integrate, and analyze geospatial data to extract compelling intelligence and deliver actionable information. Information from CCTV, traffic cameras, crime cameras, and other video surveillance systems can provide critical insight to incidents.

Intergraph OnCall Dispatcher provides core call-taking and dispatching via browsers.