The last option is prefered once the installation is completed, but obviously it is not possible for the first time boot. Have fun with your mini NetBSD server! Samsung ZET Review. Remove the four screws which are securing the hard disk and unplug its connectors. While a nice enclosure and internal SSD are a great place to start, ultimately a product like this is about performance – the USB 3.

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You can, of course, run the drive off of a USB 1. As with most external drives, Iomega has included a few software goodies to entice buyers.

It’s styled in dark gray and blue curves with a psychedelic spinner visible through the clear window in the light-silver pop top. Also make sure to choose a small 4-pin plug, which you can connect to your external cable with the actual D-SUB 9 connector.

The leftmost four pins can be used for the serial interface.

Iomega Launches 40 GB Mini HDD

Switching to other packet-writing software bumped the Predator up to the 8X range. The trace captures the heavy read activity of each game loading from the start, as well as textures as the game progresses.

It is not recommended to solder a header onto J11because then you would no longer be able to close the case. Audio burn to CD-R from image on hard drive from 43 min.


But alas, software problems rendered the drive toothless when packet-writing. Samsung ZET Review.

It appeared that the drive worked just fine only connecting one side of the cable, making that other side backup in the event your computer can’t support the power draw through a single USB port. Fortunately U-Boot has set up the network interface, which we can use after configuring the ipaddr and serverip environment variables:.

To test these claims, we used IOMeter for the raw read and write speeds. Make sure that the layout of the plug fits to the pinout of the StorCenter’s serial header, as shown above.

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In this test we include: The three supported models are:. While we didn’t toss the drive around, given there are no moving parts and the case is rigid throughout, it’s reasonable to expect the drive could easily sustain a 10 foot drop, and probably more. The three supported models are: Informal testing with other software improved the Predator’s performance, leading us to believe the problem was software related; Iomega is looking into the problem.

The problem is fixable, so if the drive’s low price and high ratings pique your interest, keep an eye on Iomega’s Web site for a software patch.

Also iimega the fan and the LED from the metal case. Given the expected duty as a road warrior’s companion, this level of protection is critical.


Mark Zuckerberg iomeva Facebook’s At the end of the day, for the target audience a product ioega this is more about solving a particular set of problems, and is less about trying to save a few bucks on a premium item.


The last option is prefered once the installation is completed, but obviously it is not possible for the first time boot. In this trace we recorded MB being written to the drive and 7,MB being read.

Our third real-life test covers disk activity in a gaming environment. Such ponderous performance is equivalent to about 1.

Remove the four screws at the bottom. Iomega Predator USB 2. Replace that in all the following commands if you have chosen a different address. Write tests Time, in minutes, to complete tasks shorter bars indicate better performance.

The Jomega SSD Flash External Drive is easy to disassemble with two screws on the back side of the case removed, the entire internal segment slides out on vibration isolation bumpers oddly 1.88 the same color. Move the cover by applying some force into the direction away from the interface bezel. While this isn’t going to be for everyone, for a certain audience the drive is a perfect fit and easy for us to recommend.