I think one of the following could be the problem: You’ll generally want to set it at something lower than percent, if you’re having problems. Use it in this format: February 6th, 1. I mean setting it by mate-display-properties once and then load this settings on the selected clients. I this is not really a fix but have you tried the Ubuntu 8.

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Introduction to LTSP

The Example section has an illustration of this. February 6th, 1.

If you find your clients being booted back to a login prompt, or freezing up when viewing certain PDF’s or web pages, this may be the problem. Users plugging them in should see them on the desktop, after they’ve been allowed to access the FUSE subsystem on the server. I this is not really a fix but have you tried the Ubuntu 8. One of the main differences between LTSP and LTSP-cluster is the integration of a web-based central control center that replaces the traditional “one configuration file per thin client” as is the method of client customization through LTSP’s lts.


I think one of the following could be the problem: In its current form v5.

ltsp – Is it possible to set display configuration programmatically on login time? – Ask Ubuntu

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Values are esd, nasd, and pulse default. This technology is dispaly popular in schools as it allows the school to provide pupils access to computers without purchasing or upgrading expensive desktop machines. This does not apply to the xdmcp or startx screen script.

Bug # “Corrupted screen” : Bugs : LTSP

Users who have slower thin clients will want to set this to True. My current plan is: By default this option is turned off. Used to build the resolv.

Then, whatever you decide to call it needs to be entered as a value for this configuration variable. Experimentation has shown a value between 80 and 90 will usually keep the terminal alive. The time now is You have to configure your otsp to accept remote logging as well.

This means we need your help in creating up-to-date content for the wiki. I have Ubuntu On some of them Ubuntu incorrectly selects main screen. I’m really not sure, but does anyone know about this problem?


By setting this option to “True”, you can log up to the server if you’ve enabled your server’s syslog for remote logging. It is set to True by default in Fedora. Services that diaplay be load-balanced and made highly available are:. This article needs additional citations for verification. An nbd-server export named swap is normally used. If unset, the thin client just uses the BIOS time. If you’re having unexplained terminal problems, specifying: A common use for this will be to test turning off acceleration in your driver, if you’re having trouble.

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Also, server-side Xclients such as power managers and screensavers may override this setting.