Item on ebay, licenses second request The device grey box is still asking for ‘USB Serial Port’ drivers From: There are always clones who can do it. Hi, What do You mean by it is a clone? Would you please be so kind of letting me know what should i do to get the bad interfaces replaced? I will check smps mpps clone ,maybee this works.

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It seems that package for you is lost: Me to i have this cmd flasher but winlicens protect.

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Map3d is obdd2 good for everyday tuner work. Item on ebay De: You do not have permissions to view the files yet. First one was so-so HUGE delay in shipment and email answersand second one resulted in complete loss of euro and 3 months delay on shipment.

So far I found only figures that exceed the ? It would be really appreciated if you could please let me know which gift you were talking about. Aswell, it would be really appreciated if you could let me know which pbd2 the gifts you are talking about. Such an opportunity is not often, so feel free to buy.


ECUTools — diagnostics and chip-tuning tools and solutions from Russia and all world. Mon, 18 Aug Mzp3d, August 19, 2: In addition, only offered by me Map3d can be in Polish version, which is normally not available.

RSIbiza, would you mind sharing your experience with that clone and MagPro which you mentioned are using?

CMD Flashtec

MagPro2 seems an expensive clone!!! Monday, August 18, 1: I have still not received anything via courier, so let me know if you have sent it via mail.

I am sorry for asking so many times but, are you totally sure that the usb to serial drivers are not necesary? You can check the emails here: The K-line bus works perfectly.

Monday, August 18, 3: Item on ebay Date: The unique version with the Polish language. For each supported computer CMDFlash calculates the checksums before upload file. I did not understand very well what you need sorry but I speak very bad Englishif you want the software unfortunately do not have one, just wanted to know if it worked to buy software and interface Please, let me know what to do.


My friend,dont buy it map3c euro,it exist for only euro in poland CMDFlash is at the forefront programmers available on the market. Mon, 19 Jan It may map3v BDM broken: The built-in base maps which can magnify himself allows you to quickly create a new project and start working with him.

For sure it was Viaken. From my point of view, it looks like the BDM sw tries to open a port and does not find it. Item on ebay, licenses second request Dear Bodgan, I have still not received any mail from you for more than a week.

But now i use magpro2 can do ma3d ecu s. Practical in use and affordable in price because created by professional engine tuning specialists.