Use the boot option ‘ahci. Shriramana Sharma jamadagni wrote on Download and unzip the driver: There is a patch for 2. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. While these devices claim to have AHCI support, they have quirks that need to be handled. Comment 1 Paul Griffith

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Marvell doesn’t provide a lot of information for these chipsets on their website. Comment 29 errata-xmlrpc Actually in the Kernel 2.

– Marvell PATA not supported

Marvell doesn’t provide public information for these chipsets on their website. Perhaps a better solution for now would be to stop the ahci module ever picking up the Marvell controller, by removing the PCI IDs or something?

I am apologizing for my marvell – how does one apply this patch? Would you please attach your full dmesg output in this configuration?


SATA Controllers

Ben Collins ben-collins wrote on For the Marvell 88SX50xx chips, there is a product brief document. Sergey Kiselev skiselev wrote on See full activity log.

Comment 15 David Milburn Comment 22 Jarod Wilson Comment 26 David Milburn I cannot guarantee that this will make it into release. Shriramana Sharma jamadagni wrote on This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. A bug ticket is open at Kernel Bug Tracker: Marvell PATA not supported. It will take me a few hours to get the new test kernel built and posted to my people page. No other information for this chipset with Google search.

Dameon Wagner d-wagner-ru wrote on Comment 8 John Robinson Currently in the Kernel 2. Few words about installing it: You can browse this file here by Marbell Git: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. I couldn’t get it to compile against my vanilla 2. Nevertheless, the patches do not appear to achieve what their titles suggest. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Comment 24 John Robinson Product Management has requested further review of this request by Red Hat Engineering, for potential inclusion in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Update release for currently deployed products.


This is included in FreeBSD Now I’ve just got to work out why the DVD burner attached to it will read perfectly, but not 88se610 ;- I’ve attached the diff I ended up with, just in case it’s useful to anyone else. Looks to me like this fixes the regression introduced about a year ago, and also fixes the ahci module so it works with the Marvell controller if asked 88we6101. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Wed Sep 3