Not sure what my next upgrade is going to be on the GFX cards yet waiting on the benches. Of course if you’ve never had a soundcard installed it sounds fine. It is night and day. User Control Panel Log out. Essentials Only Full Version. Lastly, the realtek audio can sometimes do something really stupid. Yeah well No virsuses.

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Essentials Only Full Version. Randomly the sound will all the sudden turn into severe crackling, speakers cutting in and out, etc. So it’s definitely not a speaker problem.

This MAY fix your problem.

So I went to a dual channel memory config 4x4gb sticks and that seems to have resolved the problem. I have also tried what you posted in the link many times and just tried it d58 still nothing. The level of detail that you can hear, even on crappy speakers, is astounding.

Or am I expecting too much from onboard audios are they all like this? How can i register a egva item? It only needs to have windows installed on it. And I have tried different drivers, uninstalling them and letting windows reinstall them, reinstalling them manually.


EVGA X58 SLI motherboard’s Realtek onboard audio. – EVGA Forums

Listen to Halloween Weed. I recently sold my X58 FTW on ebay.

I tried removing and reinstalling the drivers without any success same issue. The clue is that they worked ok until something other than the original setup is changed. In other words any same mobo can have a slightly different chip version or type that need slightly updated drivers to make them work through all modes of use. Computer always seemed a bit screwy on boot with triple channel so hopefully the dual channel config will cure that also. Under System Devices, does it show any HD audio controllers?

I by no means consider myself an audiophile but I can for sure tell the difference between on-board sound and a quality sound card. Sometimes people say they’ve tried something, when they really haven’t.

Evga x58 BL-E High Definition Audio not functioning? – EVGA Forums

Is he checking to make sure in windows he has selected the correct output device I know I have seen machines default to other things that don’t have speakers attached. Forums Posts Latest Posts. User Control Panel Log out. EVGA only use drivers that work with their mobo. Did my default fan curve suddenly change? egga


On board audio is not working on X58 FTW???

I think it is a problem with the physical motherboard. To the best of my knowledge it started happening around the time I went SLI and triple channel on the memory 3x4gb sticks.

User Control Panel Log out. I’ve tried doing all the things you are on to Getting rid of the SLI setup solved it according to the poster.

Will my sound card fit in the new EVGA X58 SLI LE?

Used to sound kind of normal but lacking quality as you mentioned. Hope this helps someone else that is in the same situation as myself.

No one knows with my latest questions? Dom-b My speakers are Bose companion 5. Forums Posts Latest Posts.